Hey! My name is Joel Roman and I’m an oxymoron. I’m a social introvert. Now, that is not to say that I’m anti-social. I prefer the company of a few very close friends wheprofilen socializing, value my alone time, and overwhelmed in large social events. My mind races all day in a million different ways at the same time. I’m also “The Advocate,” according to the results of my 16 Personalities test. The Advocate personality type is rare and few are as sensitive and mysterious as Advocates.

This page is dedicated to building my portfolio and growing with each post to be the hero of my movie. I hope to inspire, motivate, help, and ease your day with laughter and material throughout this site. Now, who am I?

I’m a junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism at William Paterson University. An advice I often share with growing young adults in high school and especially after high school is its never too late to start school, to follow your dreams, and always do what makes you happy! Be a better version of you, the best version.

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